The clients vision was a vegan ice cream shop using only bananas which are too old for sale but just perfect for icecream. The shop is located in the side wing of Sendliner Tor and a central pedestrian area. However due to its small shopfront pedestrians needed to be attracted and the shop needed to draw attention. The exiting entrance door was replaced with a tree wing door to fully open and to melt interior with exterior.

The existing arched door served as inspiration to use the forced perspective following the principle of Palazzo Spada by Architect Francesco Borromini built in 1635. The forced perspective creates an optical illusion and plays with the customers perception. The cone shaped vault extends from the exiting arched entrance. The other two arches counter and frame the room like one big brush stroke.

The broom finish-texture emphasizes
the vaults and create directionality to become the main unifying design element.
The furniture has a clean, longitudinal layout which divides the space in customer- and serving-area. All vertical surfaces are made out of oak wood. The Counter is movable for the possibility of direct street vending.

Keep Banana GbR


Project Year:

Martino Hutz
Jacek Baczkowski
Maximilian Friedmann

Méline Browarnyj