Renovation of a family home in Munich, Germany. The 160 square meter house was built in 1930 and accommodated up to 6 family members of a woodcutter family. Small changes and adjustments have been made over the years, but these could not meet today's living standards.  The building was fundamentally restructured without destroying the character of the house:

Unnecessary walls were removed in the basement and the MEP was renewed to gain space and to use the existing rooms more efficient. Separate rooms were combined on the ground floor and a connection to the garden was created. The roof on the upper floor was exposed and energetically renovated. Unused spaces were added to the existing rooms in order to get spacious areas and ah high quality of living.

Munich, Germany

160 m²

Project Year:

Michael P.

Martino Hutz
Amlis Botsch
Cathy Preisser
Maximilian Friedmann