A new working environment was developed for one of Germany´s leading marketing agencies with over 260 employees in four different locations. The Munich based headquarter, spreading over four stories of an old factory building, needed to be re-designed according to the new way of working after the long-lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The returning rate of staff to the offices was too little so it quickly became evident that the pre-existing layout and organization of the office had to be re-thought.

Full-time occupancy has dropped from 95% to less than 40% accompanied with expectations similar to the comfort of home office. The previously open-plan layout was re-thought with a series of different interventions and focal points. A large variety of studies have been carried out, focusing on all scales, from the overall zoning to the details of reimagined office furniture. A system was developed to differentiate between a series of experiences throughout the office space. The teams have been restructured and “gaming zones” have been introduced in all areas.

The “gaming zones” are based on a series of test, all working towards restructuring the way of interacting and working with one´s workplace and among the employees. Elements like biophilic design as well as a plethora of natural materials to diffuse the rigidness associated with an office ambiance were introduced. The conclusion of this series of experiments is a catalogue of solutions aimed towards modernizing the experience of office life in the 21st century.



Project Year:
2021 -  2023

Martino Hutz
Maximilian Friedmann

Jacek Baczowki

Andras Peter Domokos