This Munich-based interior project in a law firm, focuses on the use of scenography. A pathway through the different rooms is curated to enhance the client's experience. A strategically placed “Wunderkammer” is designed as a threshold between the owner's office and the formal meeting room.
A bespoke shelf, designed to showcase shirts and sports memorabilia, marks the centerpiece in the dedicated showroom for a continuously growing collection.

Visitors entering the exhibit from the office are greeted with a modular shelf-system, oriented towards the entrance. The powder coated black steel profiles are designed in a weaving pattern and build the substructure for movable brass bars holding the shirts, allowing easy adjustment to the collection. The prefabricated system allows for easy installation, later modification, extensions, and alterations.

Opposite to the shelving system, a series of mannequins are installed to be used for displaying further shirts, complementing the other side of the space. All materiality and finishes throughout the project were chosen based on the pre-existing material palette of the office.

Architecture, product design and scenography blend in this project to create an elegant yet minimalistic display.



Project Year:

Martino Hutz
Jacek Baczkowski
Andras Peter Domokos